10 Benefits Of Using Graphic Recording Service

You know… there is always a good way and a … slightly less good way to do basically most things in life. Take going on holiday and ordering food in a restaurant in another language. You could speak in your own language, more loudly and slowly, and get nowhere fast. Or play Russian roulette and risk getting something disgusting… or you could also open Google Translate to make the process painless and easy 🙂

Marketing isn’t a million miles from this. You could do what you’ve always done and hope for the best, or take a moment to understand your audience and what is working well in marketing right now. And right now, it is safe to say that video and hand-drawn illustration is proving itself to be successful and very popular.

The benefits of a graphic recording and Visual Notes

You get a lot from working with a graphic recording service, and before we get on to the behind-the-scenes benefits that graphic recording services provide, the first benefits we’ll list all come from having a professional and high-quality visual content.

1. Making your message engaging

Your message and the content you’re creating are important. Make sure that your audience can connect with them and capture the key points. Visual notes – as static illustrations or animated time-lapse videos are a great way to achieve this! 
They are visual storytelling that shares your message in the ideal way to your audience. Explain and deliver your content in the best possible way!

2. Making your message shareable

Visual content it’s easy to share and easy to read. It only takes one glance to know what it’s all about! No more wall of text, boring PowerPoint, or long reports on email. 

3. Holding attention in a distracting world

Engagement is the new currency! Our attention has never been so valuable. Social media, emails, apps… everything is trying to draw us in for longer and keep us That’s right! A drawn illustration stops the viewer’s eye. Drawn comics stand out from the clichéd graphics published on social media.
Engagement, as I mentioned earlier, is not only about conveying your message in the best possible way, but also about keeping your audience’s attention no matter how demanding all those notifications and distractions are.

4. Making the complex simple

Making a complex topic more accessible and understandable is essential for effective communication and selling and sharing ideas.
It is essential in education but also in the business world. Whether it is a scientific principle or a new policy, procedure or process. Visual notes make information simple, memorable and fun. Visual metaphors play a big role in translating a complex idea into something more familiar.

5. Making the dry entertaining.

Not every idea or message is naturally engaging and entertaining. Sometimes they can feel a little heavy or hard to get through; this doesn’t mean they aren’t important though.
Visual notes can help here as well. By using simple, funny drawings, characters and references, they are able to make a dry subject feel entertaining and more memorable. This is good news for you and your viewers. You get your message out in a meaningful and impactful way and your audience receive it in a way which informs them while also keeping them engaged.

The second half of my points will focus on the benefits that come from working with a professional Graphic Recording Studio. Not only do they ensure your visual content is high quality, they bring a whole list of behind-the-scenes benefits

6. GR- professionals are experts and help you convey your message better.

At the heart of the benefits that come from working with an Graphic Recordig Proffesionals is the fact that they are experts. A good studio or company will have worked with a lot of different organizations, explaining a wide range of subjects and creative solutions. This allows them to approach many topics with some previous knowledge about the subject itself and great ways to bring it to the visuals. Good studios and companies are also experts in listening and learning about you, your message, your style, your goals, and your audience. This combination of experience and listening gives them all the tools they need to bring your vision to life.

7. GR- professionals know how to include your brand and promote it better.

A strong brand identity takes time to nurture. It comes to embody our personality, values, purpose, and it becomes an instantly recognizable calling card for your customers or clients. It’s important to include your brand and personality in your visual notes as well. Consistent visual communication amplify a message and your brand.

8. Visual Notes can communicate a lot of information quickly and efficiently.

An image is the first piece of information that enters the brain. Clear graphics, with visual metaphors and short text are the best recipe for conveying many ideas and messages in a short time without compromising the quality of the explanation.

9. Your existing content can be transformed into visuals note

We all have pieces of content that are tried and tested. Consistently popular, they get our personality just right and provide audiences with exactly what they need to know. It might be a blog post, video or a podcast episode. When we have these things, it can make sense to use them as base for repurposing in a different format. A visual note can take the elements of existing content and adapt it into a graphic, taking its winning formula into a new medium and to a new audience.

10. Visual notes as made social media assets take your marketing content to the next level

Working with professionals brings a few extra perks. Once the graphic recording is finished, they can turn parts of it into content perfect for social media – allowing you to advertise and raise awareness about your topic. It could be an image for Instagram or LinkedIn, or a series of clips. The benefit of having these made by the team that made your graphic recording is that they will fit together stylistically and also be high quality.


Visual Notes create something which captures your message and personality, which is tailored to your audience and gives your message its most significant impact. Working with a professional graphic recording studio allows you to get the most out of your content and your message.

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