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Incorporate visual thinking to your business


Graphic Recording

I exctract the esence of your message and clarify complex ideas to inspire and engage your audience and make it memorable!


Business Illustration

I can draw anything you need in different styles to adapt to your branding and help you support your business communication


Visual Thinking

Use visual thinking to solve the problems, generate ideas, and demonstrate concepts to your team and clients.


My Tools.

My exprexiences are diverse
and my tollbox is ever-expanding.

Digital Drawing.​

It gives a new quality of drawing and more possibilities than traditional image. It’s easier to share and scale. It’s more flexible. I draw on iPad. I’m a Procreate and Adobe environment expert.

Visual Thinking.

Visual techniques I use strenghten communication on so many levels. They clarify and simplify complex messages and processes and unlock the creative power.

Business Experience.

I understand the challenges of business today as I’ve been a business owner all my professional life – first as a freelance architect, then as a multi-service cafe owner and more recently – as a graphic facilitator and business illustrator.
Under the RysAnka brand, I’ve helped many companies and organizations, across different industries, to efficiently deliver their message to their audience.

Online Experience.

Online space is the environment I thrive in. I have been working remotely for 12 years. I love new advances of technology and creative solutions that increase productivity and efficiency in projects. I’m very well-prepared to advise my clients on the right tools to improve their work and help them achieve their business goals faster.


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