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What Is Graphic Recording?

Have you ever...

been on an amazing conference with a lot of knowledge and inspiration which, somehow, you don’t remember much of?

been stuck with information overload, incapable of moving on?

had a problem with getting your message across?

struggled with engaging your team members during online events or virtual meetings?

got your message completely lost in tedious PowerPoint presentations?

struggled with communication with your own team?

had some amazing ideas but didn’t know how to present them?


Most of my clients Have Experienced it!


Imagine empowering people & organizations through powerful visual content. I’m sure you’ve heard that a picture is worth a thousand words… 

The visual content is a universal language which strengthens communication on so many levels. 

Your story will resonate more deeply with your audience. It will not only prevent your message from getting lost in the overload of information we receive every day, but will also amplify it. 

It will enable co-creation, enhance connection between attendees and increase energy in your meetings to the level you haven’t known before.


your day-to-day business


Driven Engagement

Inspired Attendees

Sparked Conversation


What is Graphic Recording?

It is a complex process of active listening, synthesizing content into an organized form of text and pictures, 
combining everything into a visual note, in the real time during discussions and speeches.

Digital Drawing.

Why Graphic Recording?

Because of its powerful qualities, some of which include:


Pairing text with visuals helps to remember information.​


Hand-drawn pictures capture and hold attention and are easy to share. They directly stimulate the emotional centers of our brains.


Visuals make it easy for everyone to share the same understanding


Seeing the big picture helps to understand a message more clearly. The audience literally sees the point of each speech​


When Graphic Recording works for you?

Internal events

I exctract the esence of your message and clarify complex ideas to inspire and engage your audience and make it memorable!


I exctract the esence of your message and clarify complex ideas to inspire and engage your audience and make it memorable!

Webinars / ON-LINE courses

I exctract the esence of your message and clarify complex ideas to inspire and engage your audience and make it memorable!


How will we work?

That is, everything you want to know before you start working with me 🙂

Ready to finally convey your message in a powerful way?


My Tools.

My exprexiences are diverse
and my tollbox is ever-expanding.

Digital Drawing.

It gives new quality of drawing and more possibilities.
It’s easier to share and scale. It’s more flexible.
I draw on iPad. I’m Procreate  and Adobe environment expert.

Visual thinking.

Visual techniques  which I use, strenghtens communication on so many levels. It make subject approcachable, claryfy and simplif messages and processes and unlock creative power. 

Business Experience.

I’ve been business owner  all my professional life, first as architect freelancer, later as owner of multiservice cafe and  then, for more than last 3 years – graphic facilitation and business illustrator business. 

As a RysAnka I helped many companies and organizations, in different fields, to deliver efficiently their message to their audience.

Online Solution.

I have been working remotely for 12 years. I love new technical solutions that increase productivity and efficiency in projects.

Especially nowadays, I can help my clients and advise them on appropriate tools that will improve their work and help them achieve their business goals faster.

How much do you need to invest?


I offer half- and whole-day packages you can choose from, depending on the duration of your event and your specific needs. I’m also open to discuss packaging options and retainers. I will work with you to find a solution that fits your budget.

discovery call with me

Remote Graphic recording is

Maximum Value
in minimum time

Flexible forkflow

Anytime - Anywhere

Instant result

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Go Visual Concept CEO

Hi, I'm Anna

Go Visual Concept founder

Visual thinking expert. For more than 5 years I help businesses and content creator amplify brand message through visual thinking and strategy illustration so that she brings stories to life and make them more inspiring, engaging, and memorable.

I love creative challenges and learning new things, I am an octogenarian with diverse experience and knowledge – trained as an architect and designer, with a small episode as the owner of a club café.

Privately, I have three children and am married to a Dutchman, living in France.

My Clients

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Frequently Ask Questions

The fastest way to contact me is to use the questionnaire posted on the website below or by e-mail. I check my e-mail at least twice a day so don’t worry, I won’t forget about you. However, if your case is something urgent, call me. If I can’t answer, I will call you back as soon as possible. 

My schedule is never constant. One day I can receive 10 questions for one date and then nothing for a while.

The more you contact me in advance, the more likely I will be able to work for you live and your project will be done on time.
Do you need me “for tomorrow”? It never hurts to ask! When it comes to online work, I accept orders on a regular basis. Write to me, I will answer you as with my dates for the moment.

No, I don’t need to know the industry or topic beforehand. This is one of the many advantages of graphic recording and graphic facilitation – a look at a given issue of an outsider. During live recording, I focus on active listening and selection of information. Nevertheless, if during the panel, discussion or speech, internal jargon, acronyms or product names appear, it would be helpful to inform me in advance

I don’t do free samples. The style of my work can be seen in the portfolio. We can determine in advance what exactly the note should contain, in what style and color it will be made. In the case of graphic designs – I make a sketch for approval before I start drawing the project “ready”.

Yes. My company is a tax resident in Poland.
My VAT-UE is PL 8212664453 and you can check me here.

People like working with me