So let’s dive in….

How you can make meetings better?

Here are some tips you can use to make your meetings productive, effective and fun!


1. Start by getting organized

don’t book a meeting room before you exactly know:

  • WHY (purpose, objectives, agenda)
  • WHO (attendees)
  • WHAT (discussion topic)
  • WHEN (date and time)
  • WHERE (meeting space)

2. Invite the right people

make sure you invite people who are able to contribute to the agenda and will help move things forward. This is not a social party!

3. The right amount

don’t overcrowd your meetings, make sure that everybody can effectively hold a discussion

4. What and When

it’s good to have an agenda that’s visible for everyone – it will help you to stay on track with time and content

5. Rules are rules

that keep everyone ‘in the meeting’ – no technology/phones will help everyone focus and engage, having facilitator and timekeeper person boost efficiency

6. Make it VISIBLE

putting information directly in front of your participants will ensure more focus. Everybody is on track, everything is transparent. You can have it all downloaded and printed my template below

7. Focus

again, having visual notes in front of everybody, makes to easier to stay on track with the agenda and the key objectives of a meeting

8. Start on time, end on time

be strict with it. Small talk is good for a coffee break. Respect the participants. If someone is late – don’t let the whole group suffer as a result

9. Agree who does what and by when

 it’s important to leave some time at the end of the meeting to agree – who owns a task and when is expected delivery date

10. Check progress

especially with ongoing projects – check the progress, review the notes from last meetings – you don’t have to waste time to do a long introduction or sum up the last meeting – just take a quick view on a visual note from the last meeting and everything is clear

Everything you can have just on one A4 page!

Here you can download my template and kickass your next meeting!

I’m excited to hear from you – would love to know your thoughts.

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