I help you explain and clarify
your message

by using visual stories to connect with your audience and deliver your ideas in the most impactful and memorable way possible

I believe that drawing can help communication, make complicated 

things easier to understand, and find solutions to difficult problems.

I can help you incorporate it to your business through...


Live event scribing

& visual notes

I can make your message simple and memorable by breaking down complex ideas and inspiring your audience


Visual Communication

for your business

I can make drawings for you that fit your branding and help you with your business communication.


Visual Thinking

creative workshosps

Use simple drawings to solve problems, come up with ideas, and show your team and clients what you mean.


How could visual notes help you?

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Hi, I'm Anna

Go Visual Concept founder and visual thinking expert.

For more than 7 years, I have been helping businesses and content creators amplify brand messages through visual thinking and strategy illustration so that they bring stories to life and make them more inspiring, engaging, and memorable to achieve business goals.

I love creative challenges and learning new things. I am an octogenarian with diverse experience and knowledge; trained as an architect and designer, and I had a small episode as the owner of a club café.

Privately, I have three children and am married to a Dutchman, living in France.”

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